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What is the choice of raw materials for fireproof roof tiles

by admin on 2021-12-10

The choice of raw materials for fireproof roof tiles:


Lightweight glazed fire-resistant roof tiles are made of MgO-MgCI2-H2O as the main system plus SY fillers and organic and inorganic chemical materials, reinforced with glass fiber cloth, and made by pulping, molding, hardening, curing and other production processes. New roofing material. Fire-resistant roof tiles have the characteristics of fireproof, waterproof, frost resistance, aging resistance, high strength, long life, and glazed luster. They can be widely used in oil fields, textiles, smelting, chemical, forestry and other factories and mines to build factories, warehouses, and shed Corridor and so on.


1. Selection of raw materials for fire-resistant roof tiles


(1) Light burned magnesia: The main component of light burned magnesia is magnesium oxide (MgO), which is made of magnesite (the main component is MgCO3) after being processed and ground at about 850°C. The fineness must be above 120 mesh, the MgO content is greater than 80%, and the color is white or slightly yellow. It is the main cementing material for the production of lightweight glazed fire-resistant tiles.


(2) Magnesium chloride: it is extracted from bittern, its MgC12 content is greater than 50% and the CaO content is less than 0.5%. It is one of the main auxiliary materials for lightweight glazed fire-resistant tiles.


(3) Filler: According to the nature of the magnesia cementitious material, the product has different degrees of halogenation. There is no complete solution to this in China. In order to further improve product quality, inhibit halogenation, and reduce costs, local products are used. The "SY" filler not only plays the role of using talc as filler, but also has a certain effect on improving the strength of the product, enhancing the appearance characteristics, and inhibiting the return of halogen, and the price and transportation cost are greatly reduced.


(4) Reinforced roof tile material: select medium alkali glass fiber that can withstand a certain alkalinity (PH=9~10) as the reinforced reinforcement material.


(5) Other fireproof roof tile materials: In order to reduce the water absorption rate of the lightweight glazed fireproof tile, improve the water resistance, increase the color of the product, select a small amount of organic and inorganic materials and pigments.

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