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Roofing Bolt&Nut

304 stainless steel hexagon thin nuts

Product category: Fasteners/Bolt&Nut

Treating: Cleaning

OEM: Accetable

Surface treatment: Plain

Place of Origin: Shandong, China

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    Customized Threaded Bolt


    Threaded bolt is a metal rod with a helical ridge, or thread, running its entire length. The purpose of a threaded bolt is to join two or more objects together by passing the bolt through a hole in each object and then twisting the bolt to tighten it.


    Threaded Bolt


    A threaded bolt is a metal rod with screw threads on one or both ends. It is used to fasten two or more objects together by inserting the bolt into a hole and turning it, using a tool called a wrench. The object being fastened is called the nut. The bolt is prevented from turning while the nut is being tightened by the wrench, which fits into a groove in the bolt called the square hole.

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