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PVC membrane OEM

Product category: Waterproof Memberane/PVC

Material: PVC

Function: Fireproof, Waterproof, Fireproof, Heat Insulation, Sound-Absorbing, Waterproof

Origin: China

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    PVC membrane OEM


    PVC membrane has been used as a water resistant material in construction and other industries for many years. It is often used as a roofing membrane, as it is durable and can resist water damage. PVC membrane is also used in the manufacturing of plastic pipes, and is an important component of many products that are used in everyday life.


    PVC membrane


    The PVC membrane is a thin, flexible sheet of plastic. It is often used in roofing and waterproofing applications. The membrane is made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. PVC is a durable plastic that is resistant to weather and water. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to other materials.


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