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Roofing Standing seam clips

Standing seam clips

Product category: Fasteners/Standing seam clips

Application: Standing Seam Roof

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Natural & Black

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    Custom Standing seam clips


    Anyone who has ever worked with standing seam metal roofing knows that the clips used to join panels together are essential. But what are they called, and where can you buy them? Standing seam clip is the term used for the metal U-shaped piece that is crimped onto the top of one panel and slips over the raised lip on the next panel. They are available from roofing supply stores and many hardware stores.


    Standing seam clips


    When standing seam metal roofing is installed, the seams between panels are generally sealed with a sealant. A clip is then used to fasten the seam together. There are many different types of clips, but the most common type is the standing seam clip.

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