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Metal insulation plate

3” Insulation Plate

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Welding plates are an important part of any welding project. There are a variety of weld plates available on the market, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. One type of weld plate that is becoming increasingly popular is induction weld plates. Induction weld plates are made of high-quality steel and are specifically designed for welding. They are easy to use and provide great results.

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    HSRP-3 Roof Insulation Plates are used for roof system attachment to steel and wood roof decks.

    The circular and reinforcing ribs provide increased performance to resist wind uplift forces.

    The plates are made of Galvalume coated steel which protected with high-performance alloy of aluminum and zinc, provide excellent corrosion protection.






    Engineered reinforcing ribs design provides maximum wind uplift rating

    22 ga. Galvalume steel provides increased protection against corrosion.




    About Insulation Plate


    An Insulation Plate is a metal or plastic plate that is fixed to the outside of an exterior wall or roof. The Insulation Plate helps reduce heat loss and airflow, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of the building.


    Features of the Insulation Plate help control air leaks. This helps prevent condensation and moisture formation. In addition, this also helps keep the interior walls of the building insulated.




    Insulation Plate


    Insulation Plates are relatively new products on the market, but they are quickly becoming a popular choice for homeowners. Here are some reasons why insulation boards are a great investment:


    - They help reduce energy costs by reducing heat loss through walls and ceilings.


    - They can help protect your home from moisture damage.


    - They help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.


    - They are easy to install and maintain.


    - The Insulation Plate can also provide protection against weather conditions and external noise.

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