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The advantages of PVC waterproofing membrane

by admin on 2022-08-30

About PVC waterproofing membrane:


The advantages of PVC waterproofing membrane


PVC waterproofing membrane is an excellent green waterproof material, with the advantages of abundant raw material sources, renewable utilization, harmless to human body and the environment, etc. Therefore, in the national 14th Five-Year Plan, the goal of "double carbon" was proposed and the country vigorously advocated reducing Under the circumstance of arrangement, PVC waterproofing membrane has always been the key promotion product in the field of polymer membrane, and occupies an important position in the construction waterproofing industry.


Our polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproof membrane is based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, adding a certain amount of plasticizer, anti-aging agent, stabilizer, ultraviolet absorber, lubricant, filler and other A new type of polymer waterproof membrane formed by one-time extrusion of processing aids.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproofing membrane is divided into: homogeneous membrane (code H), fiber backing membrane (code L), fabric inner reinforced membrane (code P), glass fiber inner membrane Reinforced coil (code G), glass fiber inner reinforced with fiber backing coil (code GL).


So, what are the advantages of our PVC waterproofing membrane?


1. Easy to weld and construct. The lap joint can be welded with an automatic temperature-controlled welding torch or a welding machine, and the lap joint will not fall off or peel off. Its product characteristics can also make construction more convenient and save manpower and material resources for construction.


2. It has strong resistance to water vapor permeability and penetration resistance, and is suitable for underground engineering and water conservancy projects. The PVC waterproof membrane produced by our company according to the professional formula has excellent wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, not easy to be aged by ozone oxidation, antibacterial and mildew proof.


3. The PVC waterproofing membrane produced by our company is easy to maintain and repair in the later period.


4. The PVC waterproofing membrane produced by our company using advanced equipment adopts environmentally friendly raw materials and technologies, which are recyclable and can be recycled through various ways, achieving the goal of green, environmental protection and pollution-free under the "double carbon" development goal.


5. It is the preferred material to use in photoelectric roofing projects to save energy.


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