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What is the principle of hardening reaction of fire rated roof tile

by admin on 2021-12-10

What is the principle of fire rated roof tile?


1. The hardening and forming reaction principle of fire rated roof tile


The hardening reaction principle of fire rated roof tile is easy to understand. As early as decades ago, scientists used microscope and X-ray detection methods to discover that the MgO-MgCl2-H2O system mainly produced some hydrate crystallization stages such as Mg(OH)2 and Mg(OH)3Cl4H2O during the hydration process. The crystallization process of these hydrates imparts high mechanical strength to the magnesium cement. These hydrates are an important part of the fire rated roof tile. Using MgCl2 aqueous solution as the mixing agent has the advantage of using pure water as the MgO mixing agent:


A sort of. Increase the boiling point. When mixed with pure water, magnesium oxide hydrates and releases a lot of heat, and the temperature rises above the boiling point of water. When magnesium chloride is used for melting and mixing, the boiling point of the solution is higher than that of pure water, so it is impossible for the MgO-MgCl2-H2O system to boil under normal circumstances.


It accelerates the dissolution of MgO and reduces the supersaturation of the system. When MgO is dissolved in water, it will hydrolyze to produce Mg(OH)2, and the solubility of Mg(OH)2 in water is very small. More hydrate crystalline phase. If a higher concentration of MgCl2 solution is used as an admixture, not only can the hydration rate of MgO be accelerated, but also a new hydrated crystal phase can be formed and the mechanical strength of magnesium cement can be improved. It should be pointed out that it is very important to control the molar ratio of MgO and MgCl2. If the molar ratio of MgO and MgCl2 is improperly controlled, the hydrated product is unstable and phase transition occurs.


Theoretical analysis believes that: SY filler has a certain affinity with MgO and MgCl2, which can inhibit halogenation and increase strength. These have effectively promoted the hardening of fire rated roof tiles.


The above content is the hardening reaction principle of fire rated roof tile. For more details about fire rated roof tile, please visit Shenghang website.

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