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Roofing Screws

#14 Extra Heavy Duty Roofing Fastener

SHDS ##14 Heavy Duty Roofing Fastener are designed to secure insulation to 16-22 gauge steel and wood decks. The fastener must acheive a penetration depth of 3/4” minimum. The fastener is also available pre-assembled with 3” Galvanized Steel Insulation Plates. Pre-assembled insulation fasteners and plates are fast to install and increase productivity in the mechanical attachment of roof insulation boards.

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  • Information

    Features & Benefits

    ▪ Heavier shank and thread diameters than most standard roofing fasteners.

    ▪ Buttress thread design provides high pullout resistance.

    ▪ Sharp drill point for quick installation.


    Corrosion Resistance

    ▪ 1800 hrs salt spray NSS resistance tested by SGS, appearance rating above 10(ASTM B117-18)

    ▪ 15 cycle Kesternich test, no red rust (GB 9789)

    ▪ 1500hr salt spray NSS resistance test, no red rust (GB/T 10125)


    Length Thread PKG(QTY) Weight
    1-1/4"-32mm Full 1000 13lbs (5.9kg)
    1-1/2"-38mm Full 1000 16lbs (7.1kg)
    2"-50mm Full 1000 19lbs (8.7kg)
    3"-75mm Full 1000 27lbs (12.5kg)
    4"-100mm 3" (75mm) 1000 35lbs (16.1kg)
    5"-125mm 4" (102mm) 1000 43lbs (19.9kg)
    6"-150mm 4" (102mm) 1000 52lbs (23.9kg)
    7"-178mm 4" (102mm) 500 31lbs (13.9kg)
    8"-200mm 4" (102mm) 500 35lbs (15.8kg)
    9"-228mm 4" (102mm) 500 38lbs (17.6kg)
    10"-254mm 4" (102mm) 500 43lbs (19.6kg)
    11"-280mm 4" (102mm) 250 24lbs (10.7kg)
    12"-304mm 4" (102mm) 250 26lbs (11.6kg)




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