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Can fire rated drywall really be fireproof

by admin on 2021-12-10

About fire rated drywall:


Fire rated drywall is as widely used as cement mortar.


Compared with other wall (ceiling) covering decoration materials, the production of fire rated drywall can realize continuous mechanized production, its equipment utilization rate is very high, equipment maintenance and initial investment are small, so it can be promoted vigorously and replaced in tooling. More than 70% of the walls and 40% of the ceiling.


Especially in recent years, the country has strongly recommended fire rated drywall. When the price of wood board and gypsum board is not much different, most people are inclined to use fire rated drywall and have confidence to use fire rated drywall. Of course, some decorations are used for special purposes. There is no substitute for materials.


Fire rated drywall is a new product developed on the basis of traditional gypsum board. It not only has the characteristics of sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, light weight, high strength, and small shrinkage, but also adds some external additions to the gypsum board core layer. Agent (glass fiber), make the building structure stay intact (under construction) for a long time in the event of a fire, play a role in blocking the spread of the fire, and win precious time for people to escape.


Fire rated drywall mainly depends on CaSO4.2H2O for its fire resistance. The crystal water of gypsum board is an important reason for its fire protection. Once the gypsum board encounters a fire, the free water in the board core will evaporate first, absorb a small amount of heat, and reduce the temperature around the board. When the temperature continues to rise, the dihydrate gypsum crystal water will begin to separate and decompose into gypsum and water. This chemical reaction process needs to absorb a lot of heat, which can affect the temperature rise around the gypsum board for a long time.


Secondly, explain why ordinary gypsum board has poor fire resistance. The main reason is that after the crystal water is removed, the volume of the gypsum board shrinks rapidly and the integrity is lost. That is why we add a certain amount of admixture to the gypsum board core. , Are to improve the fire resistance of gypsum board.


Fire rated drywall is actually very easy to identify. Due to the use of foaming agent, there will be a lot of gaps in the plaster, which can play a good sound absorption and sound insulation effect.


Fire rated drywall has good toughness and is suitable for making special-shaped roofs at home, so most designers now use it for home improvement. In terms of tooling, they like to see whether the cost of the decoration investment is sufficient, and basically use wood panels in accordance with the tradition.


Fire rated drywall mainly uses natural gypsum and facial paper materials. It has the advantages of light texture, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and fire prevention. It is very popular among designers because it is a relatively new product and because it is a secondary crystallization. The product, the crystals contained in it can effectively absorb the heat source, play a good heat resistance effect, have a very good fire resistance effect, high safety means stability, and stability means less trouble in the later period, so designers are willing to participate in the promotion of gypsum board use.


Because fire rated drywall has some additives added to the board core and made corresponding waterproof treatment, this kind of gypsum board can also be used in relatively humid places such as kitchens or bathrooms.


Even ordinary gypsum board, because gypsum will release water when heated, its fire resistance limit can reach more than two hours. At the same time, gypsum board is the highest production efficiency among various building boards, which is very suitable for large-scale production. Its unit production energy consumption is far less than 30%, generally only 28%. It can be nailed, sawn, glued, and construction is very convenient. Using it for decoration can get rid of traditional wet operations and greatly improve construction efficiency.


The gypsum boards produced in my country mainly include paper-faced gypsum board, paper-free gypsum board, decorative gypsum board, gypsum hollow strip board, fiber gypsum board, gypsum sound-absorbing board, positioning point gypsum board, refractory board, plant straw gypsum board, Insulation board and gypsum composite board, its specifications are also developing in the direction of high thickness and large size, the situation is the same as the tiles we see now!


In fact, its use is also broadening, in addition to being used as a base lining, it is also used as a surface decoration material, and even used as a floor tile, an external wall substrate and a wall core material.

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